The un-hateable Man.
The prodigy who had a fault in his stars.
The man who will forever remain 63 not out.
Cricket’s own son.
Philip Joel Hughes.

He started his life with a passion for cricket.
Life left him, standing tall, having faced all odds and still playing the game he loved; Living his dream.
His whole life spanned the 22 yards and his legacy will carry on, Forever.

The youngest man to hit 2 centuries in both innings of a test match.
The person Australians had hope on to carry on the mantle of Australian captains.
A loyal friend.
A loving son.
A gentleman.

He lost his life to a freak delivery. And tears were shed by cricketers and cricket lovers all around. The tears shed are testimony to the great man that Phil Hughes was. It is testimony to how much Cricket’s prodigal son will be missed.

Amidst this outpouring of grief, one must not forget Sean Abbott. As Sean took his delivery stride to bowl that fateful ball, little must he have known as to what will follow later.
An innocuous ball.
Everything changes.
We can only imagine the pain Sean Abbott must be going through. It was absolutely no fault of his and this fact must be reiterated always.

Do not pity the dead, Harry.
Pity the loving and above all, those who live without love.
~Albus Dumbledore 

Sean Abbott requires all the love he needs right now. He must know that it wasn’t his fault and his guilt in his mind, must be reduced as much as possible.

Phil Hughes will always be remembered.
The man who will forever remain 63 not out.
Cricket’s own son.
R.I.P Philip Joel Hughes.


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