Complex creatures with feelings and emotions.
The World around us comprises of people.
Excluding the average lunatic living in the forest, we all live in a Society; a society made up of people, and no matter how hard we try we cannot avoid interacting with people.
We are Social Animals.

Therefore, in this scenario, it becomes imperative for us to learn to interact with Humans. To learn to influence Humans. To learn to deal with Humans.
In this process of learning, one will learn about themselves, because ultimately we too, are Humans.
Necessary much?

This series of blog posts will be my studies on People and the results.
Studying People, I call it. The results may be the most obvious ones, the most blatant, everybody-knows-it ones. However, bear with me, because I am starting anew.

Humans are typically two-fold.
The Physical and the Mental.
I will be focussing on the Mental part here. The part where Minds come into play.
Minds. ^_^
Complex, swirly whirly, amazing creations of God.
Unique, fantastic and tremendously interesting.
Minds. ^_^


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