Based on the first quasi-poem I posted, some of you may already know my deepest fear; as to who I am and who I’ll turn out to be.
I’ve been pondering and I’ve come up with a few results.
This blog post will deal with the first question, as to Who we are.


As to the integral question of Who we are, I believe that it is simple enough.
We are simply the sum total of our experiences and surroundings.
When we come into this world, I believe that most of us are born with a similar skill set and aptitude level. This is because it has been proven that neural connections, the pathways whose strength influences our memory and general aptitude is not related to Heredity. Notice that I use, the word ‘most’. I am disregarding the born geniuses and the born retards from this equation.

So I believe that a the function of population with respect to the Skill sets and Aptitude will look like this.


However as we grow up this graph generally tends to get modified into this.


This is called a Bells Curve.
This Curve says that in any indigenous population, there are invariably going to be some geniuses and retards with most of the population averaging out between them.
The question that can be derived now is that Why does this graph change? Why does the normal indigenous population, which at childbirth were at the same aptitude level change into a curve, with some becoming more-towards-genius and some becoming more-towards-retard?

Taking a hypothetical world, where the physical characteristics of a person doesn’t affect the mental strength and vice versa, it can be seen that the ONLY differentiating factor between the way Humans grow up, is the Environment and Experiences. Therefore this has to be the only differentiating factor between whether a Human realises his/her potential or not.

It can be stated as follows,
In a world, where physical characteristics do not affect the mental characteristics and vice versa, Human beings are a direct function of Environment and Experiences.

This may seem like a basic result, however it carries a load of significance.
It now is fairly apparent, that the only difference between a person who realises his/her Human Potential and a person who doesn’t is the Environment he/she lives in and the Experiences they undergo.
Therefore, by controlling these factors, we can directly influence how Humans turn out to be


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