Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.
~J.K Rowling (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It’s Beautiful.
It’s the thing that differentiates us Human Beings from Animals… Or is it?

As Rowling says, Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. However does that automatically mean that Language as a whole consists of only words? Or does Language, exist outside the plain enclosure of words? Is it something more? Or is it just that- Words?

This is my attempt to find out.


I’ve looked across the Net, and I’ve found loads of definitions for the word ‘Language’, some arbitrary and some carefully thought out.
However according to me, and I’m going to use this definition as the premise on which this entire post will be based on, Language is ‘A medium which helps in communication’.
This is my definition and a simple one at that. However I believe that this definition encompasses the word ‘Language’ entirely.

So, back to my questions.
1) Is Language entirely composed of words or is it something more?
2) Is it only limited to Human Beings?


Most people would say that Language constantly evolves.

Language is immutable.
It is Constant.
A Constant.

It has existed since Time immemorial and will exist forevermore.
For no matter what anyone says, nobody can refute the fact that, We, as living, sentient beings are Social Animals. And Language, is what makes us who we are.

Without it, we are stripped of our very personality, stripped of what we primarily are; without it We cease to be We.

Language can be thought of as a huge being of its own.
It has a lot of channels through which we can access it by.
English. Tamil. German. French. Motion. Love. Hate. Affection…. these are all channels through which we can access Language.
The channels may change! However Language doesn’t.
And what does Language help us with?
To Communicate.
This is why it’s a Constant.

It’s a connection of souls in its raw, primary form.
And in its basic, flawless, naked form it doesn’t need words.
Affection, Anger, Love all connect souls with one another without words. This is because these emotions are the pure, primal forms of Language.

And what’s more, this Language isn’t limited to us!
Every single living creature in this world has been hardwired to communicate! Plants and Animals communicate through motion.
Doesn’t an Amoeba move towards a drop of water? To those who notice, they’ll correctly assume that the Amoeba is in need of water. Doesn’t a plant move towards sunlight? To those who notice, they’ll correctly assume that it needs sunlight for its sustenance.

These may be small things, but to those who notice, it’s an act of communication! The Amoeba or plant may not want to communicate to a specific living entity. However to those who notice, they can glean volumes of data from this apparent projection of its current state through motion.

Every single living being in this world has the overwhelming desire to communicate! From inconsequential things such as motion to a amazingly complex thing like speech, every living entity transcends boundaries and communicates!

We are hardwired for communication! This is what makes us! And this is why it connects seemingly unrelated beings together.
Words are not necessary.
Being yourself is the Key.

Language is immutable.
A Constant.


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