Wonderful confession by a girl in church and amazing reply she got.


The Girl:

I’m in love with a boy who lives far away from me. I live in India and he lives in USA.

We met on a marriage website, shaadi.com to be precise

Became friends on FB
Had long chats on Whatsapp
Proposed to each other on Skype
Currently having 2 months of relationship through Viber

I need your blessings and good wish, Oh God

Guy besides her said:

Now get married on twitter
Have fun on tango
Buy your kids from ebay
Send them through G+
And if you are fed up with your husband or kids sell them through OLX.

Don’t forget; there is always secondshaadi.com 😀


This was a post which I saw long ago. On Facebook. Yep, I’m addicted to it too. However this did set me thinking. 

All the people around us; our teachers, parents and even friends seem rooted on the fact that social networking and other websites are ‘bad’ for us. They constantly castigate us and tell us that our brains will become rotten and you will ‘Zeeeeero marksu’ and ‘No Admission in 11th’ and such things if we access these websites. And Facebook, don’t get me started on it.

 The new enemy for parents. The monster which rears it’s ugly head when the parents are not scrutinising their wards. The monster which will engulf their progenies and never let them go unless the WiFi modem is smashed to smithereens.

And the children? Wifi Modem odanja pogattum. I’ll go to my friend’s place or a browsing centre.

This is the new drama unfolding in almost every household in urban India. The locking of horns between the parents and their kids over social networking sites.

 However, my father, about a year ago, asserted to other parents that these social networking websites ARE the way unfolding the future. That these websites ARE the new form of communication. That denying the younger generation this would be akin to taking away their voice.

I was like ‘Whoa. Bam. Really?  Wow.’ Just mono-syllables.


However, thinking about it I actually found it to be true.

Humans ARE nothing, I repeat NOTHING but Social animals.

They talk. Laugh. Share.

This world is an interconnected web of souls; each soul craving the company of others.

And social networking websites provide a forum for this.


As long as we don’t buy babies through eBay and bring it up with G+,

This is the way of the future.





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